01 The keypad will not accept user codes or user cards

1. Make sure the Output #1 Access Mode is programmed to accept user codes.
2. If an incorrect card or code has been entered, the keypad may be in Wrong Code Lockout. Wait 1 minute.

02 The keypad will not program new user codes or user cards

Before inputting new code or card, check the left LED. If it is red, previous user data exists. Press "*" "*" to delete.

03 The screen is blank

1. Check that the Active Video Balun Hub is plugged in.

2. Check that the CCTV camera is powered up.

3. Check that the video cable connecting the camera to the hub is connected properly.

4. Check that the cable(s) connecting the hub to the monitor, switcher, DVR, or multiplexer are connected properly.

5. Double-check the connections to any passive or active baluns.

04 How do I change codes for an ENFORCER Indoor Keypad?

You can find instructions for programming codes on pages 12~15 of the SK-1011-SDQ’s manual, and page 13 of the SK-1131-SPQ’s manual. 

If you are not sure which unit can help you solve the problem, you can contact us directly.
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