Electromagnetic Locks Series


80lb (36KG) Electromagnetic Lock

When power is applied to the electromagnetic lock, it turns on the unit's powerful built-in electromagnet. This electromagnet is attracted to the steel armature plate which is mounted on a door, holding the door fast against unauthorized entry. When power to the magnetic lock is turned off, the electromagnet releases the armature plate, allowing the door to open.



  • * Provides a holding force up to:
    - 80-lb (36kg) for 12VDC
    - 110-lb (51kg) for 24VDC
    * For small, low-security doors including cabinets and drawers.
    * Anodized aluminum housing (US 28).
    * Dual voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
    * No residual magnetism.
    * Detachable mounting bracket.
    * MOV surge protection.
    * Complete mounting hardware included.


Color Camera
Type 80 lb
Holding Force 80-lb (36kg)@12VDC, 110lb.(51Kg.) @ 24VDC
Operating Voltage 12~24 VDC ±10%
Current Draw 85mA@12VDC ; 165mA@24VDC
Operating Temperature 14°~131° F (-10°~55° C)
Magnet Size 2-3/4 x 1-1/4 x 13/16 in (70 x 31 x 20 mm)
Armature Size 2-3/8 x 1-1/4 x 3/8 in (60 x 31 x 9 mm)
Unit Weight 0.90-lb (0.41kg)
Case Shipping Weight 46-lb 6-oz (22.0kg)
Case Quantity 50 pcs
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Installation Manual E-941SA-80Q_InstMenu_1303.pdf
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