Long-Range Barrier Sensors - 6 pairs, 61 in (155 cm)

The ENFORCER long-range barrier sensors are are perfect for installation in windows, doorways, skylights, fence tops, any place where space is limited.Suitable for indoor and outdoor perimeter security, the trigger is programmable for simultaneous breaking of any single or 2 adjacent beams. The design features rugged aluminum construction, and an anti-tamper circuit for triggering an alarm if power is cut or the end cap is removed.No synchronizing wires are required and the LED alignment indicator makes installation easy. L-brackets and mounting hardware are included.

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  • * Long sensor range up to 190 ft (60 m) outdoors, 380 ft (120 m) indoors
    * Programmable for 4 different frequencies to reduce interference between multiple units
    * Programmable response time (150/300/450/600 ms)
    * Built-in heater (activates at 41F (5C))
    * LED and buzzer alignment indicators
    * For indoor or outdoor perimeter security
    * End caps swivel for easy installation
    * Programmable immediate trigger on simultaneous breaking of beams, or trigger after a single pair of beams is broken for at least 2 seconds
    * Built-in tamper switches
    * No synchronizing wires required for alignment
    * Form C relay output
    * Terminal block wiring
    * AGC (Auto Gain Control) Circuits regulate beams to ensure operation in rain, fog, and low-temperature


Color Camera
Rx Trigger Current (Buzzer On) Heater Off (+/-25%@12VDC) 95mA
Selectable Beam Frequencies 4 Different frequencies (DIP switch programmable)
Rx Standby Current (Buzzer Off),Heater Off (+/-25%@12VDC) 95mA
Response Time (Receiver) 150/300/450/600 ms (DIP switch programmable)
Max. Range Indoor 380 ft (120 m)
Length 61 in (155 cm)
Input Voltage 12~24 VDC
Humidity 95%
Alarm Output NO/NC/COM, relay output, active for 1 sec. when triggered
Ingress protection IP65
Voltage 12~24VDC
Number Of Beams 6 pairs
Operating Temperature -49°~131° F (-45°~55° C)
Tamper Output (Tx and Rx) 1A@120VAC / 1A@24VDC
Tx Standby and Active Current, Heater Off (+/-25%@12VDC) 100mA
Width x Height 1-7/8x2-1/4 in (49x55 mm)
Weight (Tx and Rx) With Brackets 12.1-lb (5.5kg)
Detection Methods Triggers as programmed when any 2 adjacent pair of beams are broken, or any single pair of beams is broken for over 2 sec. (programmable by JP2)
Heater Active Current (Rx+Tx) 160mA@12VDC
Max. Range Outdoor 190 ft (60 m)
Case Aluminum housing / PC anti-UV cover / ABS end caps
Buzzer Active Current (Rx Only) 20mA@12VDC
Alignment LED (Rx Only) Red LED, ON - beam is broken / OFF - aligned
Alignment Angle Horizontal +/-90°
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Installation Manual E-96xx-xB190Q_InstMenu_1207.pdf
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