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Power distribution for EAP-5D5Q

The ENFORCER Access Control Power Supply centralizes the power sources for multiple 12 or 24 VDC-powered electronic locks or accessories used in access control systems. The power input and power output are enclosed in one heavy-duty, easy-to-install enclosure. As a result, an ENFORCER Access Control Power Supply can replace several separate individual power sources.



  • * Five individually PTC-fused outputs.
    * Output fuses rated 1.1 Amps.
    * Each output will operate in both fail-safe and fail secure modes.
    * Individual LED status indicator for each output, power input, and trigger.


Color Camera
Type 5A
Input Voltage 110~240VAC
Fuse type PTC
Output Voltage 12VDC or 24VDC
Voltage Range 11~15 @ 12VDC setting, via VR switch, 23~26 @ 24VDC setting, via VR switch
Number of Output 5
Power Failure Supervision Relay 3A@24VDC
Auxiliary Supervision Relay 3A@24VDC
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Installation Manual PD-5PAQ_InstMenu_081.pdf
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