Room Monitor System Series


Room Occupancy Monitor

1x Sensor and 1x Indicator
The Room Monitor indicates when a room, like a bathroom or fitting room, is occupied or vacant. The highly visible indicator can be seen from a distance, saving time previously spent checking if a room was occupied. The Room Monitor can increase productivity and customer traffic flow by reducing idle time.


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  • • Programmable to use PIR (movement), phototransistor (light), or door sensor input (switch) to detect occupancy
    • 1-Room indicator has a programmable, built-in buzzer for service input
    • Programmable reminder, 3~30 min
    • Simple to install – micro USB or terminal block (5~12VDC)


Color Camera
Type Room Occupancy Monitor
Model RM-R100-TLQ / RM-R100-RB1Q
Description Sensor / 1-Room Indicator
Indicators LED / Buzzer and LED
Current draw Standby: 2mA@12VDC; Active: 15mA@12VDC max. / Standby: 6mA@12VDC; Active: 35mA@12VDC max.
Transistor ground rating 100mA max. / N/A
PIR Sensor range ~16' (5m) / N/A
Phototransistor sensitivity ≥320Lux / N/A
Door input NO or NC / N/A
RF Range* 100' (30m) *Actual operating range will vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment.
Operating frequency 433.92MHz
Operating voltage 5VDC via micro USB or 5~12 VDC via terminal block
Connections Screw terminals
Operating temperature -4°~167° F (-20°~75° C)
Dimensions 2-1/2x15/16x1-7/8 in (64x24x48 mm)
Weight 1.8-oz (50g)
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Product Info Sheet PI_RM-R100-xxxQ_190131.pdf
Installation Manual MI_RM-R100-xxxQ_190218.pdf
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