Request-to-Exit Plates Series


Request-To-Exit Plate - Illuminated Square Green Pushbutton, Wireless, Slimline Plate

The Enforcer Wireless RF Request-to-Exit Plates are the ideal solution for difficult access controlinstallations. The RTE plates allow egress from protected areas by easily connecting to an electric doorstrike or electromagnetic lock without wires.



  • * Ideal for hard to wire installation such as cement wall or brick buildings.
    * Stainless-steel slim-line plate.
    * Green, small, square Illuminated button.
    * PUSH TO EXIT and PRESIONE PARA SALIR inserts included.
    * NO/NC contact rated 3A@24VDC.
    * Built-in RF transmitter.


Color Camera
Type Illuminated
Operating Frequency 315 MHz
Operating Voltage 9VDC
Battery Life Up to four (4) years (60 uses per day)
Dimensions 4-1/2 x 2-1/4 x 1-1/2 in (114 x 57 x 38 mm)
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Product Info Sheet PI_SD8201_8213_0902.pdf
Installation Manual SD-8000Q_InstMenu_1406.pdf
  • tags : Push Button, Access Control, Security, Intruder, Burglar Alarm