Electric Deadbolts Series


Electric Deadbolt - Fail-Secure Operation, 12VDC

The SD-997 Series are designed for hollow metal door frames. They are not recommended for wooden door frames. However, the door can be wood or metal.



  • * Adds concealed deadbolt security to most wood or hollow metal doors, with the added convenience of electrical operation.
    * Stainless steel bolt, 5/8 in (16mm) diameter, 5/8 in (16mm) throw.
    * Door open/close monitor (NO/NC/COM).
    * Adjustable door lock delay timer.
    * Control wire allows release without cutting unit's power.
    * Magnetic switch determines door position.
    * Powered by a solenoid.
    * Solenoid shuts off if door not closed properly.
    * Easily connects to all ENFORCER keypads.
    * 1.5A over-current protection.
    * Fail-Secure circuit: Door remains locked when power is disconnected.
    * Includes manual lock/unlock cylinder.


Color Camera
Type Fail-Secure
Operation Fail-secure
Operation Voltage 12VDC
Current Draw Standby: 320mA@12VDC; Active: 880mA@12VDC
Status Sensor SPDT, 500mA@12VDC (NO/NC/COM)
Adjustable Delay Timer 0/3/5/9 secs
Weight 2-lbs,7-oz (1.1 kg)
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Installation Manual SD-997x-xxQ_InstMenu_1310.pdf
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