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Digital Access Keypad - Weatherproof, Mullion-Style, with Proximity Card Reader

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  • * Built-in proximity card reader.
    * 3 Programmable access modes for Output #1.
    * Output #2 may have either a card or a code programmed for each user.
    * 12~15 VDC operation.
    * 1,010 Users (Output #1: 1,000 users, Output #2: 10 users).
    * 2 Form C relays, each rated 1 Amp @ 30VDC.
    * Each relay has programmable output time from 1~99 seconds or toggle.
    * Output #2 can be programmed for use with a doorbell.
    * 2 Egress inputs and 1 door sensor input.
    * Backlit keys for easy nighttime use.
    * 2 Multi-colored status LEDs.
    * Able to mount to a single-gang back box.
    * All features are programmed directly from the keypad, no need for an external programmer.
    * EEPROM memory protects programmed information in case of power loss.
    * Optical tamper sensor for added security.
    * Circuitry is potted with epoxy for outdoor use.
    * IP65 weatherproof rating, rugged aluminum construction.


Color Camera
Type Mullion
Number of User Codes Up to 1,010
Operating Voltage 12~24 VAC/VDC
Current Draw Standby: 40mA@12VDC, Active: 70mA@12VDC
Relay Outputs 1A@30VDC, Form C, NO/COM/NC
Egress Inputs 2, N.O. Ground
Door Sensor Input N.C. Ground
Tamper sensor Optical
Operating Temperature -4°~122° F (-20°~50° C)
Keypad LED Life 60,000 hours (over 6.8 years)
Weight 11-oz (312g)
Dimensions 6 x 1-3/4 x 15/16 in (152 x 44 x 24 mm)
Proximity Reader Frequency 125kHz
Proximity Reader Distance 1-15/16 in (50mm)
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Installation Manual SK-x323-SxQ_InstMenu_1109.pdf
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