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Fingerprint Reader and Keypad

The relay can be programmed to toggle ON and OFF with a user fingerprint or user code (toggle mode), or to trigger for a programmed length of time up to 99 seconds before automatically turning OFF. The toggle or timed output can be used for locking or unlocking a door or for a variety of functions that can be controlled with the fingerprint reader/keypad. 

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  • * 500DPI Optical fingerprint reader
    * Up to 1,000 users (up to 500 fingerprint users, up to 500 PIN users)
    * User code length 4~6 digits
    * Fingerprint identification time – <1 second
    * Fingerprint false acceptance rate – 0.0001%
    * Fingerprint false rejection rate – 0.01%
    * 12VDC Operation
    * Form C relay output
    * Tamper alarm output
    * Adjustable relay output time – 1~99 seconds, or toggle
    * For indoor use only
    * Illuminated fingerprint reader window


Color Camera
Type Fingerprint
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Current Draw Standby- 40mA, Active- 100mA
Outputs Form C- 2A@12VDC, Tamper Alarm- 2.5A@12VDC
Egress Input N.O. Ground
Enclosure Material Zinc alloy
Operating Temperature -4°~122° F (-20°~50° C)
Operating Humidity 20~90%
Dimensions 2-5/8 x 5-7/8 x 15/16 in (66 x 150 x 24 mm)
Weight 14.8-oz (420g)
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Installation Manual SK-2611-SFSQ_InstMenu_170314.pdf
  • tags : Finger Print, Lock, Access Control, Security, Intruder, Burglar Alarm
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