Bluetooth® Access Controller Series


ENFORCER Bluetooth® Single-Gang Keypad with Reader

Streamlined, fully app-based setup using integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology. No codes to remember, intuitive app design for easy, visual programming.
Provides convenience and security to the user and administrator. All data is secured on the device without the risks inherent with an internet connection.


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    • No Codes to Remember – Intuitive, visual app-based programming and management, 1,000 users, device options, etc.
    • More Than Access – Can control doors, gates, lighting, machinery, etc.
    • No Internet Exposure – All data secured locally on device
    • Multiple User Types – Permanent, scheduled, temporary, # of times
    • Output Modes – Timed relock, continually unlocked or locked, toggle
    • User Customization – Individually customizable output mode and time
    • Hold Open – Hold door open with code or app (customizable)
    • Secure, Integrated Bluetooth – Passcode protected, AES 128 encryption
    • Authorized User Monitor – Displays total number of users to guard against unauthorized additions
    • Three Ways to Unlock or Trigger a Device – Keypad, card, or app
    • Unlimited Devices – Access/manage unlimited devices with one app
    • Easy Backup/Restore – For off-device storage / restoration / replication
    • Wrong-Code Lockout and Tamper Alarm Output – Customizable
    • Multilingual App Interface – Currently supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)


Color Camera
Type Outdoor
Access modes App / keypad / proximity card
Users 1,000 users / 1 administrator
Current draw Standby: 52mA@12VDC, 30mA@24VDC / Active (max.): 62mA@12VDC, 35mA@24VDC
Outputs Relay: Solid state, form C, 2.5A@30VDC / Tamper: 50mA@30VDC
Output modes Timed relock (1~1,800s), continually locked, continually unlocked, toggle
Inputs Egress: N.O. Ground / Door sensor: N.C. Ground
Operating voltage 9~25 VDC
Electrical protection Short circuit, electro static discharge, reverse polarity, relay contact protection
Proximity reader EM 125kHz
Keypad Backlit
Bluetooth radio Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2
IP Rating IP65 Weather resistant
Enclosure material Zinc-alloy
Operating temperature -4°~122° F (-20°~50° C) Weight
Weight 1-lb 3.8-oz (560g)
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SL Access App User Manual MO_SLAccess_200804.pdf
Quick Installation/Setup Guide MQ_SKPR-Bxxx-xQ_200709.pdf
Additional Product Information MA_SK-B141-PQ_200819.pdf
Installation Manual and Administrator Guide MI_SKPR-Bxxx-xQ_200922.pdf
Product Information Sheet (EN) PI_SK-B141-PQ_200814.pdf
Product Information Sheet (ES) PI_SK-B141-PQ_200903_SP.pdf
Product Information Sheet (FR) PI_SK-B141-PQ_200916_FR.pdf
User Instructions SKPR-Bxxx-xQ_User Instructions_200819.pdf
User FAQ Bluetooth_Access-FAQ_200925.pdf
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