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Remote Plate with LEDs

The SECO-LARM SS-129 Remote Switch Plate is used to make ordinary shunt/momentary key lock installations look more attractive and provide greater protection for the outside key lock. Any SECO-LARM SS-090 Shunt Key Lock or SS-095 Momentary Key Lock may be mounted onto the Remote Switch Plate. A built-in tamper switch for the protective circuit will trigger the alarm immediately if an attempt is made to remove the face plate while the security system is ON. Those two LEDs can be wired into the security system to indicate the zone status and the security system armed/disarmed status individually



  • * Stainless-steel slimline plate with red LED
    * Closed-circuit tamper switch
    * 3/4 in (19 mm) D-hole


Color Camera
Type Remote Plate
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Installation Manual SS-129_InstMenu_859.pdf
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