Ground Loop Isolator

The ENFORCER Video Ground Loop Isolator is a passive device that helps to reduce ground loop interference caused by a difference in ground potential. Ground loop isolators can be deployed in new installations or added to existing installations. ENFORCER Video Ground Loop Isolators should be installed on the camera side of the cable and can be used with standard BNC coax cable or with video baluns



  • * Use with CCTV equipment.
    * Passive operation -- No external power required.
    * Gold-plated BNC connector improves reliability and product life.
    * Built-in ground loop isolation and surge suppressor.
    * High immunity from interference -- Built-in impedance coupled device and noise filter. Helps to reduce RF interference, cross talk, picture tearing, and other picture quality problems.
    * Quick connect BNC terminals for easy installation.
    * Small size, only 2-7/8x1-3/32x3/4 in (73x28x19 mm).


Color Camera
Type Video Ground Loop Isolator
Surge Life 300 surges @ 100A
Surge protection Time 1ns
Surge Resistance Approx. 0Ω
Power Passing Capability 130 VAC/DC, 65 VRMS @ 10A
Connector In- BNC Male, Out- BNC Female
Impedance 75Ω (BNC-to-BNC)
Dimensions 2-7/8 x 1-3/32 x 3/4 in (73 x 28 x 19 mm)
Cable Length 6 in (152mm)
Weight 2.3-oz (65g)
Material ABS Black
Bandwidth Video DC to 8Mhz
Operating Temperature 32º~131º F (0º~55º C)
Maximum Input 1.0Vp-p
Insertion Loss <0.5dB
Frequency Response 0-3dB at 10MHz
Isolation Voltage 600VDC (min.)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ
Transient Voltage Suppressors 12 Vrms
Maximum Surge Voltage 4KV
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Installation Manual VG-1C12BQ_InstMenu_1401.pdf